Home is where we connect

Summer 2016, we went for a roadtrip through the UK and ended up in Wales. The sandy road winding downhill towards the white house we would stay, on one of those rolling hills, looked like it was manifested from a poem of Thoreau. It was a house to and home of a lady who was living halfway the road in her caravan with the horses. It was a home to her and her belated husband. Then only 9 months ago he deceased and the house was still breathing his presence. We invited her to dinner in her own house, at her own table, we felt humble that we were allowed to rent this magnificent place and she was totally ok with that. In fact she loved how we used all her kitchen supplies and made her handmade gnocchi with tasty local vegetables. Her home was warm and filled with an evening of good food, wine, laughter and long talks. All these ingrediënts are creating the magic sauce to life...

For me personally my daily yoga practice is a way of opening up to these occasions, to really meet people, look them in the eyes, listening to their stories with my whole heart. When i open up, strengthen my body, accept and embrace my path to learn my lessons, each day every day i feel ready. Ready for a new day to be the best you can be even with all your flaws and ongoing (criticising) thoughts. Practise a way of living where i connect to my breath, come home to myself and create the daily magic.

Namasté, M.